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25 x 60 Wood Panel For Painting - 25x60 Wood Panel

  • Custom Size Wood Panel For Painting
  • Custom Size Art Shipping Box
  • Custom Thickness For Wood Box
Select Width:
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(vertical side)
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Wood Panel Preview: 25"W x 60"H x 1 3/4"D
BOGO Promotion: Buy 1 Wood Panel Get 1 FREE
2nd wood panel MUST BE ADDED to the cart for the discount to apply


($189 each with promotion)

Promotion ends Thu, Jul 25th at 11:59 PM

FREE SHIPPING. Ship in 7 to 10 business days.
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or pay as low as $16/mo with financing option

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Custom Sizes & Custom Thickness With Options of Un-Finished Or Double White Primer

25x60 Wood Panel For Painting (25 x 60 Inch Wood Panel) (5 Ft Wood Panel). The price for size 25x60 wood panel is $379. With the current BOGO promotion: Buy 1 Wood Panel Get 1 FREE, the actual price of each panel is only $189 for each. Come with hanging D-rings, un-finished wood panel or optional white gesso double primed, ready to paint on, and a heavy duty shipping box that can be re-used to ship or protect your artwork during delivery to clients. Customize & Buy Online Today. Get the exact size, thickness, or depth you need for your project or commission.

25 x 60 Custom Wood Panels For Painting and Mixed Media

Did you know most surviving paintings from as early as the 13th century are painted on wooden panels? They are by no means a new art medium but wood panels are making a come back in the art world and there are reasons for it. They are durable and refract light differently than canvas, making the paint colors more brilliant and vibrant. Our high-quality Baltic birch plywood surface allow artists to use any artistic medium including oil paint, acrylic paint, encaustic paint and mixed media 3D collage with glass, metal, fabric, epoxy, just to name a few. You have the options of un-finished wood panel or upgrade to include white gesso double primed, ready to paint on.

If you haven't yet, now is the time to try this painting medium. We are running a BOGO & Free Shipping promotion on all custom sized artist wood panels.

Custom Wood Panels For Painting And Mixed Media

Custom Sized Artist Wood Panels

Built To Last

The solid designed structure of CanvasLot artist wood panels prevents them from being torn or damaged by mishandling and will last many lifetimes. The stretcher bar frame is made from heavy duty poplar solid wood.

All of CanvasLot products are designed and built in Austin, TX and undergoes a rigorous inspection process prior to leaving our facility to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Hanging Hardware & Reusable Protective Case Included

All wood panels for painting come with hanging hardware attached. The hanging hardware is installed on the horizontal side on the back of the wood panel. The custom art shipping box can be re-used as a protective case to deliver or ship the finished artwork to your client.

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